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When you’re running a children’s hospital floor, an eSports convention, a youth center, or anything else in between, video games are a big investment in your patrons’ entertainment. Fully Loaded Electronics not only specializes in locking down video game console software, but we also know it’s important to keep your video game consoles secure as well! We focus on ways to keep your systems and game accessories from walking off, including console security cases, security tethers for controllers, iPad cases, and of course our mobile game carts.



Video Game Console Security Cases

Our state-of-the-art acrylic console security cases are perfect for displaying a PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or Nintendo Switch in a dentist’s or optometrist’s office. These extremely tough security cases can be fastened to a wall or table with ease to keep it in place. Once attached to a surface, you can unlock the case and set the video game console inside. Thread a couple wired controllers through the brackets and you’ll have a gaming station that stays in your waiting room or lounge area.

Case and Tether for iPad

We also have acrylic security cases for iPad that can be fastened to a surface, but many iPad users prefer having the device in their hand for the best viewing angles. With the iPad case and tether combination, your iPad is always protected inside the case. When it’s ready to be used, take the security tether and loop it around an anchor and lock it directly to the case! The security tether with the iPad case can either be locked with a key or with a combo lock. Your iPads will stay close to the patient’s bed or playroom and can be viewed without hassle.

Mobile Video Game Carts and Tablet Carts

A mobile game cart is the perfect way to transport your game console around the hospital floor or library without it being moved off the premises. Our new FLE Arcade II and the Gamers Outreach GO Kart both feature lock boxes for Xbox, PlayStation, and Switch. These lockable game carts keep the video game system inside it, with a major benefit of not having it stay in one place.

Tablet carts for the iPad and Kindle are also great ways to keep tablets secure. With our Universal Tablet Cart, you can fit a Kindle Fire 10 or iPad 9.7” and larger on the cart and lock it into place. Wheel the mobile tablet cart into an infusion area or emergency room with ease and peace of mind.

Wired Controllers and Tethers

Video game controllers in hospitals, youth centers, and eSports programs see a lot of use. Video game competitions and trade shows use adhesive tethers to keep their controllers and other valuables kept where they should be.  Our security tethers for controllers and tablets come with adhesive tabs that you can attach to a surface or a loop you can put through an anchor.

For correctional facilities and other rehabilitation centers, wired controllers for video game consoles work best. Combined with our security cases or mobile game carts, correction officers and staff can rest assured the controllers will stay with the system. Wired controllers in the correctional setting are also great because they don’t provide any value when not connected to the console.

Faux Tracking System for Video Game Controllers

Child Life Specialists, librarians, and recreational center staff may save a lot of time and money by using our faux tracking stickers. This fake tracking sticker can be used on controllers or any other small accessories that may not be easily watched over. With an official look of “Child Life Department” labeling, the first look can be an initial deterrent. If that’s not enough, if any players scan the QR code they find a Fully Loaded Electronics website with convincing text.

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