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Enhance Cognitive Heath in Seniors with Video Games

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Even during the best of times, it’s a challenge for activity directors and enrichment professionals to provide safe, new and exciting resident engagement programs. However, the importance of these programs for resident health and overall happiness cannot be understated.

Fully Loaded Electronics can help. We prepare Virtual Reality and video game systems to be used in public spaces, including senior living facilities. We provide the gaming system all loaded with games and ready to play, along with an easy, laminated “how to” sheet so it’s easy for players and staff to jump in and play. We also offer technical support for as long as you own your system, so you’re never on your own trying to tackle a technical hiccup. We’re here to get you set up, AND to keep you and your players happily gaming.

What’s better than Fully Loaded fun? A health benefit too. According to a recent study, video games show potential in improving key aspects of memory in older adults. Novel environments can be delivered, virtually, to the homebound, according to NIA-supported researchers who recently discovered that video games may be used to enhance cognitive health in older adults. The study found that while memory performance was equivalent across groups prior to engaging in video game play, two weeks of Angry Birds™ or Super Mario™ gameplay resulted in improved recognition memory. Memory continued to improve after an additional two weeks for the Super Mario™ players compared to the Solitaire players and these improvements persisted after daily gameplay ended (read full article).

Looking to add video game or virtual gameplay to your recreation toolbox? We're here to help! Call or email today: (425) 582-3173, shelly@fullyloadedelectronics.com.

Benefits of Gaming Seniors Virtual Reality

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