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Video Games Take Side-by-Side Play to the Next Level

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There is real value in playtime. Through game play, we develop physical, intellectual, emotional, social and moral capabilities which is why playtime is especially critical in a hospital or long-term-treatment setting.

While some level of play has been widely used in hospitals, we are leveling up your playtime options with our Fully Loaded arcade carts, consoles, handheld devices and VR systems that are created specifically to work seamlessly in your space. Our systems encourage:

  • Side-by-side play which gives kids an opportunity to play with a their parent/caregiver and get their mind off their medical issue or procedure.
  • Side-by-side play between a patient and hospital staff builds rapport. The child patient will be able to see the hospital staff as an ally and friend they can talk to and rely on – making the hospital environment less scary and more familiar.
  • Side-by-side play between a patient and a counselor can help a patient open up. Mental health staff can carefully select games that relax anxious patients, challenge patients who need a confidence boost, or that will distract patients from fear and worries.

In the time it takes to find all the pieces to CandyLand, sanitize them, set it up and layout the rules to engage a patient, you could already be into the 2nd quarter of a Madden tournament. Energize playtime and foster connections with a solution from Fully Loaded.

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Video Games take Side-by-Side Play to the Next Level

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