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Promoting Positive Behavior with Video Games

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The pandemic has placed a heavy burden on correctional facilities and those who work and live there. In an environment where restrictions are already plentiful, the removal or delay in visitation, social activities, entertainment, and educational opportunities creates even more tension.

Fully Loaded Electronics provides correctional facilities with a worry-free way to help alleviate tension and provide inmate entertainment with WiFi free handheld gaming devices. When used as part of a behavior incentive program, these devices can even help encourage personal responsibility and create habits and behaviors that are rewarded both in and out of the correctional program.

Our client from the PA DOC had this to say about the use of devices in the DOC.  “Using the PS4 as an incentive-based program, we have found that it encourages positive behavior and is an excellent way for the inmates to reduce stress and enjoy positive competition. Winning and losing games offers a therapeutic counseling opportunity that can benefit inmates for reintegration into their community.” You can read their full experience with our program online.

Lets talk about how our worry-free device programs can promote positive behavior in your correctional facilities. 


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