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Reducing Anxiety with Arcade Carts

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Hospital anxiety, a particular brand of panic that someone feels when walking into a doctor’s office, hospital, or urgent care center, is very real. Whether it is caused by the fear of pain or a reminder of our own mortality, helping a patient overcome that anxiety can be the first step in getting them the treatment they need.

Technology anxiety, a fear of too many cords, Wi-Fi outages, game cartridges and the random error message, may not be listed as a disorder in the DSM-5, however, it feels very real to our customers. Entertainment technology and gaming are often associated with the headache of maintenance and upkeep.

Fully Loaded Electronics has the ultimate cure for technology anxiety. Our arcade carts are specifically built to endure the rough treatment of a hospital environment. This mobile gaming cart is constructed with medical grade components, and each cart is capable of housing last generation's Xbox One and PlayStation 4, the Nintendo Switch, as well as the current Xbox Series S and Playstation 5. Just plug in one cord to power the entire cart, console, and the TV and let the entertainment begin.

The availability of an Arcade Cart or Video Game System may not be the reason the patient ultimately decides to seek treatment, but it can help to be the reason they stay and fulfill the course of treatment. Video game systems not only entertain and distract patients away from pain, they can also provide much needed connection for those isolated in their rooms or are far away from home.

Let’s talk about how the arcade cart and handheld portable devices can help reduce hospital anxiety and keep your patients entertained during their hospital stay. 


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