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Spreading Laughter and Smiles with Wii Sports

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Laughter, good times, and fun are at a premium right now. Sparking joy and spreading smiles at Senior Living Facilities has been on our mind since we went into lockdown almost a year ago. While seniors have traditionally not been the target market for video games, we have one system that we know will bring joy.

When Wii Sports was released in 2006, it was legendarily, innovative, and brought virtual sports into homes across the world. Game players used motion-sensing capabilities built into the Wii Remote (or WiiMote) to compete in fan favorite games like bowling, tennis, baseball and boxing.

While Wii Sports may have been designed for kids and younger adults, seniors are fast becoming fans of this fun and interactive game. And for good reasons.

Wii Sports offers many tangible benefits to senior players.

Low impact exercise – these games do involve some level of movement and can be tailored to an individual’s abilities and preferences.

Accessible – These games can be played from a chair or standing and can easily be placed next to an existing TV or put onto a cart for mobility purposes.

Social experience – Wii Bowling tournaments have become a real source of camaraderie and competition in senior centers. Play solo or play as a team to foster relationships and bonding among residents.

LAUGHTER! We cannot discount the impact fun and laughter has on a person’s overall wellbeing. We challenge you to host a Wii Bowling tournament in your facility and leave without everyone cracking up at least one time.

But the Wii was discontinued in 2013? How can you get your hands on one?

That’s where Fully Loaded Electronics can help. We have Wii Consoles, specifically modified for easy plug and play use, and available on a video game cart that can be rolled into residents rooms if they are isolated. And we would love to help get a Wii Sports program started in your facility! 

We’re here to help keep your residents smiling and happy. Lets spread some joy and find some laughter; after all, we are only a phone call away.

Rachelle “Shelly” Lee
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