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Using Virtual Reality to Reduce Patient Anxiety

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Fear and anxiety are one of the biggest causes of incomplete or cancelled scans and treatments. Allowing a patient to familiarize themselves with the sights and sounds they will experience during a scan or treatment through virtual reality desensitization therapy is an effective means of treating initial fears and anxiety.

The MedExplore Radiation and MRI Video Games feature 3-D radiation room environments that patients explore in a video game format on a computer or in Virtual Reality with a fully immersive headset. In pre-procedure consultations, patients and family can “fly” around the procedure room using an Xbox controller, while clinicians educate and communicate to lower anxiety through the process. The use of these VR tools can help reduce sedation rates and ease anxiety for radiation and MRI patients of all ages.

The opportunity to improve care by making patients aware of what to expect during the procedure in advance of having the scan is the absolute goal of the MedExplore Video Games; together we can make that goal our reality. 


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