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The Arcade Cart's Safe and Secure Correctional Uses

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If the extent of the video game equipment in your correctional facility is a sometimes-functional PlayStation 2 or Xbox 360 placed in a communal area and connected to a CRT TV, prepare to be impressed with and excited about the new systems we have available.

As more studies show the positive sides of gaming, namely pain management, entertainment, and multiple mental health benefits including decreased anxiety, a feeling of connectedness, and cognitive improvements, we see a push to include gaming systems where they traditionally might not have been.

Our goal at Fully Loaded Electronics, is to provide gaming systems in a safe and systematic way to ensure the devices are easy to use and provide the benefits needed by the community we serve. For correctional facilities, our Arcade cart is a wonderful solution.

The latest gaming systems (including the Xbox Series S) can be mounted securely on an Arcade cart and rolled in and out of individual rooms. With facilities needing to keep inmates as separate as possible to slow the spread of the coronavirus, this system is ideal as it is medical grade and can be wiped down with disinfectants in between players to ensure no germs pass from one player to the next.         

Our secure systems come fully loaded with approved games so there is no need to mess with game disks or slow game downloads. The systems are ready to go as soon as they are plugged in. For those who are extra security minded, we also offer clear security cases to help prevent theft or damage of the devices. We can remove the outer shell of the gaming consoles so you can see everything, and we deactivate the internet so players are limited to the pre-approved games you had us load.


The benefits of gaming are extensive. Together we can make these benefits your facility's reality.  

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