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Video Game Incentives for Inmates

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Studies have found that playing video games intrinsically motivates players to set and achieve goals and overcome adversity. It improves cognitive skills, fosters positive community-building, and reduces stress and impulsiveness. We want to ensure these benefits are available to the correctional community.

One of the biggest concerns we hear from correctional facilities when we discuss the use of gaming devices as an incentive program is the WiFi connectivity.

Out of the box, most modern gaming devices can connect to the internet via Wi-Fi very easily and do not have a way to stay disconnected. We recognize that having internet completely disabled is what can allow for inmates to enjoy the distraction and normalcy of video games, while staff can stay worry-free of players somehow getting access to internet.
We have a no-WiFi solution

The Nintendo Switches and Switch Lites that we provide to corrections centers are guaranteed to not have access to Wi-Fi. We take a hardware approach to disabling internet – the Wi-Fi antenna itself is removed from the device and therefore no wireless internet signal can be received. This way, players will not be able to wirelessly connect, download games/apps from the eShop, play multiplayer games between multiple consoles, communicate wirelessly, or anything else that requires an internet connection.

Headache-Free Support

Our ultimate goal is to provide video game systems that work seamlessly in your space without the need for staff intervention, technical know-how, or extra stress. Our game systems come with a limited 3-year warranty that covers any manufacturer’s defect unrelated to Wi-Fi removal or device damage. We also provide lifetime technical support that can help with any questions you may have about your device.
Positive Solutions

We're happy to talk with you about how these programs are working for our other correctional facility clients. Gaming is a great way to keep inmates from getting antsy, especially when keeping everyone separated is required as it is to prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

We've Got Your Back

Please call or email today and we can discuss your facility's challenges and goals, and find a gaming solution that makes everyone's day a little better.

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