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Improve Patient Satisfaction Scores

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What if improving patient satisfaction scores was as simple as a video game? It was for our client, Beth Christian at Doernbecher Children’s Hospital in Portland, Oregon. She had this to say about our video game bundles.

EXCELLENT! This has really enhanced the patient experience and patient satisfaction. Staff and families love the variety and ease of use. They don't have to wait for staff to get them games or movies. The FLE staff were fabulous to work with. They gave us great tips and suggestions and really let us customize our machines to our specific populations.

Improving scores is just one benefit.

Fully Loaded Electronics provides the video game consoles, games and support you need to make any video game system work seamlessly for your patients. The Arcade Mobile Gaming Cart (a high quality medical cart) provides video games conveniently loaded on your choice of Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo gaming system. These carts require no Internet, are HIPAA compliant, built to prevent theft or tampering, and provide gaming for any patient room where it is needed.

Keep your staff focused on the patient.

Arcade Mobile Gaming Carts are loaded with games on the system which means patients don’t have to seek out a staff member for a disk or cartridge. The entertainment and distraction help patients and their families pass the time, leading to a decreased perception of pain and discomfort. These mobile gaming units relieve patient stress and distract from worries, helping them to have a better overall stay at the hospital.

I would love to walk you through all the benefits of our Arcade Cart and the 3 consoles we most often sell with a cart:

We can also customize a gaming set-up to meet your specific needs. I'm here to help!

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