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Gaming: An Essential Distraction for Inmates

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Depression. Anxiety. Restlessness. Anger. Hopelessness.

Sounds a little like the side effect warning label on a new medication, right? But it also is a list of common feelings that inmates feel throughout their sentences. It’s not shocking; no one wants to be incarcerated.

The solutions we offer to correctional facilities for inmates improves cognitive skills, fosters positive community-building, and reduces stress and impulsiveness. You may be surprised to know that all comes from video games.

Our Arcade mobile gaming cart with an Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo loaded with (preapproved) games is great for entertainment, distraction or as a behavior incentive program. And there's no internet is disabled on the system, so there are no worries about unapproved access to online features.

Gaming is fun. Gaming is an essential distraction for inmates who, if left without stimulation, can become confrontational, disruptive to the wider community, or self-harm. Gaming can bring prisoners (and staff) together to help them not only bond with each other, to get through their sentences a bit smoother, but also to aim for something more, something better, than they had before they were incarcerated. 

During the best of times maintaining a correctional facility is no easy task. We empathize with your new normal of uncertainty, confusion and constant change.  We’re here to help you protect the mental and physical health of everyone at your facility.

Please reach out if I can help you explore gaming solutions for inmate tensions at your facility.

James Lee
(425) 582-3173

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