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Case Study: Putting Donated Gaming Systems to their Best Use

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Have you ever thought about donating a video game console or mobile gaming cart to your local children's hospital? Video game systems like the PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and Xbox can be used in so many situations in hospitals that can help patients cope with anxiety and stress. Many families, patients, and staff report the benefits of having a modern gaming system available in their hospital.

Recently, a married couple was looking to donate in a tangible way to their preferred hospital. They generously gave Children's Hospital of Philadelphia over 20 Xboxes for their patients to play while they heal - what an amazing and thoughtful way to contribute to their community!

Fully Loaded Electronics has helped Children's Hospital of Philadelphia with their video game systems for over 3 years, so we were happy to help when they contacted us about our games loading service. Video games donated to hospitals are our specialty - we can provide new systems and and load them with games for a donor, or we can take a brand new console donated to a hospital and load it with games.

CHOP also wanted these consoles to be used by as many patients as possible. They already know about our FLE Arcade Mobile Gaming Cart which is perfect for extending the reach and range of any gaming system. Our in-house gaming cart locks the gaming system inside a security case and hosts it on a hospital-grade cart with a TV. This slimline approach allows gaming systems to be transported anywhere in the hospital - have a look at all of the places where CHOP uses their gaming carts:

  • Observation Unit
  • Rehab
  • Dialysis/Apheresis
  • Oncology
  • CICU, NICU, and PICU
  • PCU, CCU, and ITCU
  • Neurology
  • Perioperative
  • Radiation Oncology/PCAM
  • Emergency Department
  • GI Suites
  • Outpatient Services
  • Day Medicine
  • MBU
  • Pulmonary
  • Surgical/Trauma
  • SSU
  • GI
  • Hematology and Nephrology
  • Diabetes
  • Complex Care Step Down
  • Two satellite campuses

WOW! So many kiddos are now able to access a bunch of fun games while they go through their healing process at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia. All CHOP had to do was send us their donated game consoles, and we handled the rest. Our team set up each Xbox with their own account, restricted internet access and ability to tamper with the settings, and downloaded a custom list of games that CHOP requested.

We focus on making video games easy to access for children's hospitals, libraries, schools, office lobbies, and more.

We can do the same for you! Do you have gaming consoles that were donated to you, and need them loaded with games?

Call us at 425-582-3173 or email us at CustomerCare@FullyLoadedElectronics.com!

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